About Tad's Locker Room

For Love of the Game

Nothing beats sports for showing us the best that people have to offer. And, at Tad’s Locker Room, we share your love of the game. We love what we do and it’s sharing our hours and our focus with people who share our passion for sports.

For fans who love to support their team with the best in both apparel and sports novelties, Tad’s Locker Room offers the best quality in Wichita. At Tad’s Locker Room, we love what we do and we’ve been in the business for six years now. We love sports, we love the competition, and we love the athletes who bring us the joy of competition.

Our joy in business is the joy of being with great people. Over the past six years, we’ve been blessed with fantastic customers who come in season after season. We do our best to offer the best, so it’s very gratifying to see happy customers. Jerseys, hats, shirts, and a huge selection of team novelties—if you come visit us at Tad’s Locker Room, you’ll likely find a buy that makes you look great while supporting the team you love.

 “I am so appreciative of our customers; great people who keep coming back year after year. I feel very blessed.”